Yemen humanitarian crisis deepens – The Big Issue North

Story on the deepening crisis in Yemen as the Saudi led bombing campaign targeting Houthi rebels continues. Food stocks are running low and shop keepers fear looting by panicked citizens.

Hajir Maalim, Country Director for Action Against Hunger told me about the difficulty of working in the city of Aden where the NGO’s office is under sniper fire from the surrounding hills & aid workers are living in fear.


How one Yazidi girl fled the clutches of her Isis captors and embarked on the winding road to recovery – Independent on Sunday magazine

Story here for the Independent on Sunday magazine the New Review. Over a period of six weeks I followed 18 year old Amel with photographer Ali Arkady to look at her recovery after torture and abuse at the hands of ISIS. This is one part of what will be a long process of healing for her and many other Yazidi women and girls like her.